Sunday, January 02, 2011

may 2011 bring much more joy to our family

alhamdulillah.. finally 2011 arrived.. i managed to sail 2010.. although it quite tough year for me but alhamdulillah Allah heard my prays.. i found joy towards the end of 2010.. i hated what had happened last year.. that explained why i stop writing for almost a year.. and also why i created new blog this year..

new year means new resolutions.. hehe i had listed a few wishlist for this year and i'm crossing my finger hoping that at least some will come true :)

  1. close old blog n open the new one -done
  2. umrah - i had a weird dreams where i perform my umrah.. n it keeps playing in my head.. when i told mr. hubby.. he also keep thinking of performing umrah.. so we decide to start saving money for umrah this year.. pray for us ok :)
  3. healthy life style - after dpa, i totally left my excercises.. plus twin pregnancy made me bigger n bigger.. so, my resolution, eat healthy and stay fit wif excercises
  4. shred a few kilos - above resolution will result to shred a few kilos.. yeay!!
  5. celebrate my kid's birthday - i mean properly.. 27th will be haikal's 3rd birthday.. since we never throw out a party for him, this is the time.. mama pls start planning.. wohoo
  6. savings - to tell you the truth, i don't have a proper saving all this while.. start working since 2006 and sadly to announce that i don't even have 10k in my account.. i started surveying n insyaallah will invest in PUBLIC MUTUAL..
  7. happy always - i spent my time blaming myself for what had happened for the past year.. so its time for me to think ahead and enjoying life
  8. change my image - wah, don't get me wrong.. not totally change but i hope to appear more attractive :D.. for self satisfaction
that's all for now.. don't know its achievable or not.. lets pray!! amin


nolee said...

wah... good resolutions.

salah satu trick my father teach me dengan memasukkan kesemua increment yang dapat dalam asb/tabung haji/ mana2 saving lah

contoh gaji kita 2010 ialah p1t1 gred 41. kita dpt manage perbelanjaan dgn selesa dgn gaji itu. jadi bila 2011 kita akan dapat increment kan contoh RM100.00. bermula bulan kita mula dapat increment , kita terus buat potongan gaji RM100.00 itu ke saving kita. jadi kita tidak akan terasa sangat kerana sebelum ini pun perbelanjaan kita berdasarkan gaji sebelum ini.

:D my 2 cents. Satu lagi kalu aku bab saving nih kena potong gaji.. kalu nak kena masukkan sendiri uhuhu diri sendiri tak boleh harap ngesh2.

aincomel said...

yup.. btol tu nolee.. kena start skrg.. klu tak smpi bile2 takde saving.. yg pasal potongan gaji tu.. its really true! :D

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