Sunday, January 01, 2012

happy new year


yeah.. its time to move on.. happy new year all..

its been hectic schedules for past few months and its explained why i'm not writing (again.. excuses ;p).. my hubby got attacked with viral fever which then doc suspected as dengue due to low platelet level.. poor him.. to be honest he never get sick for the past 5 years (since we got married.. to be precised).. alhamdulillah he gets better.. :)

haikal is getting naughtier day by day.. but its fine with me because i believe that is how he develop his mind n creativity.. and he is hooked with his ipad.. which also can be considered as part of his learning process.. but i afraid it will affect his eye sight :(

my twin.. they grew up fast.. maybe because they are 2nd (is it normal for a parent not to feel as excited as to their 2nd compared to 1st child? e.g.: snaping photos in every single weeks.. ticking their milestones etc.. or is it just me feeling that way?).. but don't get me wrong.. no discrimination happened here! they still special!.. and are treated equally.. it just i was so busy trying to cope my life as wife and a mother of three little rascals.. i didn't realize time flies hehe.. twin are now learning to pronounce simple words.. they also do boxing together.. get jealous to each other easily.. sometimes i enjoying seeing them pulling hairs, biting and pinching each other.. hahah.. so cute!

me myself was so busy with workload.. no time to mingle around with friends.. lucky the technology get me updated with all my friends.. :)

please refer to my last year's resolutions; i only manage to accomplished no. 1,6 & 7.. haha.. LOL.. so with this, i will bring forward the remaining resolutions with no additional.. hiks.. please stay with me ok :D

P/S: 1st thing to do in new year is to get my hair cut.. then i'll get myself a brand new crosstrainer! don't laugh, i'm serious this time.. i want to stay fit and look good.. wish me luck!

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